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Manson Dental in Manson, IA is the most beautiful, well kept quaint town that just feels like home right away. The town is kept clean and up to date with a community that cares and is involved in its own success. You see this in the well kept homes, locally owned businesses, and the active school district.

Home to the Manson Greater Crater Days! 74 million years ago a crater hit Manson measuring more than 23 miles in diameter. Although the crater is not visible today, the impact of the meteor significantly changed the geography of the area. As a result, the City of Manson was known for years as the “soft water capital of the world”. Manson celebrates their claim to fame every June for a full weekend of fun during Greater Crater Days

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There is also an oasis just minutes away from Manson; Twin Lakes. This neighboring community is active all season long. Bike, walk, or run around the well maintained path that goes all around the lake. You will see a variety of beautiful homes (maybe yours will be there someday!), a campground with a park and beach nearby, and little lake stores to make your day fun filled for some water fun. Winter is just as fun, as the lake is open for ice fishing, tobogganing and ice skating at Twin Lakes Bible Camp, cross country skiing, and don’t forget Twinterfest!

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Barely 15 miles as the crow flies is Fort Dodge. This community draws the crowd as the variety of life it has to offer. Many of Fort Dodge’s parents see what Manson School District has to offer in their education system and you will often see school buses bringing children to and from both towns. Between Fort Dodge and Manson is one of the largest employers in the area, Cargill. Neighboring Valero and CJ Bio, Cargill has made all of these communities listed here feel like one big destination to call home.

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