AvaDent® Digital Dentures

AvaDent® Digital Dentures represents a revolutionary advancement in prosthetic dentistry, utilizing cutting-edge digital technology to design and manufacture customized dentures with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Unlike traditional dentures, which involve multiple manual steps and subjective adjustments, AvaDent® Digital Dentures are created using digital impressions and computer-aided design (CAD) software to ensure a perfect fit and optimal function.

By streamlining the fabrication process and eliminating the need for physical impressions, AvaDent® Digital Dentures offer increased accuracy, durability, and patient comfort. This innovative approach reduces chair time and turnaround times. It enables dentists in Manson, IA, to provide patients with superior denture solutions tailored to their unique oral anatomy and preferences, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience and satisfaction with their prosthetic treatment. 

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Who is a Suitable Candidate for AvaDent® Digital Dentures? 

  • AvaDent® Digital Dentures are an excellent option for individuals who have lost all their natural teeth in one or both arches and require complete dentures to restore oral function and aesthetics. 
  • Patients missing several teeth but still having some remaining natural teeth may benefit from AvaDent® Digital Dentures as a partial denture solution. These digital dentures can be customized to fit seamlessly alongside existing teeth for improved comfort and functionality. 
  • Candidates who have experienced discomfort or fit issues with traditional dentures may find AvaDent® Digital Dentures a more comfortable and precise alternative. These digital dentures are custom designed using advanced digital impressions, ensuring an accurate fit and optimal comfort for the wearer.  
  • AvaDent® Digital Dentures offers customizable options regarding tooth shade, shape, and arrangement, allowing patients to achieve their desired aesthetic outcome. Individuals who prioritize natural-looking dentures or have specific aesthetic preferences can benefit from the customization options offered by AvaDent® Digital Dentures. 
  • With AvaDent® Digital Dentures, the digital design and manufacturing process significantly reduces the turnaround time compared to traditional dentures. Suitable candidates include individuals with busy lifestyles who may appreciate the convenience of faster denture fabrication and adjustments. 
  • AvaDent® Digital Dentures in Manson, IA, are fabricated using advanced CAD/CAM technology, ensuring precise fit and consistent quality. Suitable candidates include individuals who value durability and longevity in their dental prosthetics and seek a reliable solution for tooth replacement. 

The Procedure for AvaDent® Digital Dentures 

Digital Impressions and Design 

The process begins with capturing digital impressions of the patient's oral structures using intraoral scanners. These digital impressions provide detailed 3D images of the patient's gums, ridges, and remaining teeth, if applicable. The digital impressions are then used to design the dentures using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software. The dentist at Manson Dental, works closely with the patient to customize the denture design, including selecting tooth shape, size, and arrangement to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. 

Fabrication of Digital Denture Base 

Once the denture design is finalized, the digital data is transferred to a milling machine or 3D printer for fabrication of the denture base. High-quality materials are used to create the denture base, ensuring durability and biocompatibility. The digital fabrication process produces precise and consistent results, creating a denture base that fits comfortably and securely in the patient's mouth.  

Placement of Artificial Teeth 

After the denture base is fabricated, artificial teeth are selected and bonded to the base according to the patient's chosen specifications. The dentist or prosthodontist ensures proper alignment and occlusion of the artificial teeth to achieve optimal chewing function and aesthetics. Any necessary adjustments are made to ensure a comfortable fit and natural appearance. 

Final Fitting and Adjustments 

Once the AvaDent® Digital Dentures are complete, the patient returns to the dental office for a final fitting. The dentist or prosthodontist evaluates the fit and function of the dentures and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure proper comfort and stability. The patient is given instructions on caring for and maintaining their digital dentures for long-term durability and optimal oral health. 

The Benefits of AvaDent® Digital Dentures 

Precise Fit 

Digital impressions and computer-aided design (CAD) technology ensure precise customization of dentures, resulting in an optimal fit that enhances comfort and stability in the mouth. This accurate fit minimizes the risk of irritation, sore spots, and discomfort commonly associated with traditional dentures. 

Enhanced Aesthetics 

AvaDent® Digital Dentures allow for comprehensive customization of tooth shape, size, color, and arrangement, providing patients with natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing dentures that complement their facial features and smiles. The ability to digitally design dentures ensures consistency and accuracy in achieving desired aesthetic outcomes. Contact us today!

Improved Comfort 

The precise fit and customized design of AvaDent® Digital Dentures contribute to enhanced comfort for wearers. Patients experience reduced pressure at certain points, irritation, and shifting of dentures, allowing for greater confidence and improved quality of life in social and functional settings.  

Enhanced Patient Experience 

AvaDent® Digital Dentures provides patients with a modern and streamlined approach to denture fabrication, offering greater convenience, comfort, and satisfaction than traditional methods. The precise customization, improved aesthetics, and reduced maintenance requirements contribute to a positive patient experience. 

Experience the precision, comfort, and aesthetics of digital dentures explicitly tailored to your smile. Say goodbye to traditional dentures and hello to a modern, personalized solution for tooth replacement. Visit Manson Dental at 1303 11th Ave, Manson, IA 50563, or call (712) 469-3000 to schedule a consultation and discover how AvaDent® Digital Dentures can transform your smile and enhance your quality of life. 


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